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  • Dry Needling – Top 30 muscles – Johnson McEvoy & Florian Wick

    13 december, 2018 - 15 december, 2018

    Leuven – Novotel

    This 3-day indroductory course covers the foundations of dry needling, the myofascial pain syndrome, trigger points and the clinical highlights of dry needling. The course is a hands on course. Participants practice dry needling of the top 30 muscles among each other. This is a training program with immediate clinical applicability upon completion. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to identify the features of trigger points by physical examination and to perform dry needling of the top 30 muscles.

  • ‘Musculoskeletal Ultrasound’ – Marc Schmitz (module 3)

    14 december, 2018 - 15 december, 2018

    Gent – Europahotel

    Met echografie (Musculo Skeletal Ultrasound) kunnen real-time opnamen gemaakt worden van het bewegingsapparaat. Echografie biedt tegen lage kosten een non-invasieve methode om diagnostische informatie te krijgen van het bewegingsapparaat. Deze module is een vervolgmodule op de module 1 en 2 die eerder werden aangeboden.


    Temporomandibular Disorders – Tzvika Greenbaum

    17 december, 2018 - 18 december, 2018

    Leuven – Novotel

    TMD is one of the most frequent causes of orofacial pain & headache and is associated with basic functional limitations such as difficulties in chewing, talking and yawning. Additionally TMD patients tends to suffer from other disabling pain syndromes such as migraine, tension type HA and neck pain – therefore introducing a challenge to clinicians. In this course, participants will learn an effective evidence informed assessment & practical management of people with TMD.